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Baobab carrier oil

  • Latin name : Adansonia digitata

  • Pressed part : Seed's fruit

  • Origin : South west of Madagascar



  • Emollient and softening

  • Nourishing and regenerating

  • Soothing, calming

  • Restorer

  • Hair Embellisher

  • Dry, brittle, forked, dull hair

  • Dry to very dry skin, torn

  • Cracks, and crack burns and sunburn

  • Prevention and care of stretch marks

How to use it?

  • For hair care (dry, brittle and dull hair)
    Apply Baobab Oil to dry and previously washed hair. Leave in a mask overnight and rinse the next morning with your usual shampoo


  • For the beauty of the skin (wrinkles, imperfections...)
    Apply daily morning and evening, one to two sprays of Baobab oil in circular massages until full oil penetration


  • To prevent and mitigate pregnancy stretch marks
    Preferably apply Baobab oil daily in the evening on stretch marks. Make sure the oil penetrates. You will see a visible improvement in your skin. It can be used during pregnancy.

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