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Ylang-Ylang essential oil

  • Latin name: Syzygium aromaticum

  • Distilled part: Stem

  • Origin: East coast of Madagascar


  • Relieves the pain

  • Anti-infectious

  • General stimulant and brain


  • Dental infections, dental pain, tonsillitis.

  • Viral hepatitis.

  • Intestinal infections: viral enteric colitis, spasmodic, bacterial, amoebic dysenteries.

  • Tropical diseases: malaria, cholera.

  • Gyneco-urinary infections


How to use it ?

  • Muscle pain or digestive problems

Dilute one drop of essential oil in 5 drops of plant oil, then apply and massage the affected area


  • Dental pain, oral infections and caries

Apply directly to the painful area (with a cotton swab). Caution: avoid fillings, bridges or metal dentures.

  • Endocrine imbalances (ovaries, pituitary gland, thyroid, adrenal)

Dilute in plant oil and massage back and arches,

  • Dermocaustic oil, to be used systematically diluted in external use up to 20% in vegetable oil

  • To be used over a short period (maximum 7 days).

  • Not recommended for inhalation

  • Authorized Users

    Adults and Youth
    Do not use in pregnant or nursing women.
    Do not use in children. Caution with hypertensive subjects (may increase blood pressure).

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