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Clove essential oil

  • Latin name : eugenia caryophyllata

  • Distilled part : cloves

  • Origin : East coast of Madagascar



  • Powerful  anti-infectious  drug

  • Antibacterial

  • Antiviral

  • Healing

  • Intestinal and parasitic infections

  • Bacterial and viral ENT infections

  • Skin infections, acne, fungus

  • Physical, intellectual, sexual tiredness

  • Oral use of this essential oil must be prescribed by a therapist

  • Do not use this essential oil for an extended period without medical advice

  • For children and babies, use in diluted oral care is possible on the advice of a therapist

  • Irritating to the skin, it must be diluted in vegetable oil before any skin application

  • This essential oil can be used in the kitchen if it is diluted beforehand in a fat

  • The use of Clou de Girofle essential oil is contraindicated if taken at the same time as anticoagulant drugs

  • Hypertensive people should use it with the utmost caution as it can increase blood pressure

  • Authorized Users

Adults and Teens (only!)
Use is prohibited in pregnant women except diluted and on medical prescription. In particular, it may be prescribed as psychological aid at the time of delivery

How to use it?

  • Tiredness
    Mix in your oily preparation. Come and apply your mixture locally as massages along the spine


  • Dental pain
    Dermal route: 1 drop pure on affected area, 5 times daily for 3 days

  • Against scabies
    By skin, 1 drop of Cade in 4 drops of vegetable oil to be applied to the affected areas (do not apply to the ano-genital areas). Repeat the operation morning and evening until the symptoms disappear (redness, itching)


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