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Géranium essential oil

  • Latin name : Pelargonium graveloens CV Bourbon

  • Distilled part : Leafs

  • Origin : Highlands (center of Madagascar)


  • Anti-infectious skin infection

  • Healing

  • Anti-inflammatory


  • Skin infections

  • Fungus, cutaneous, vaginal, digestive

  • Skin problems: acne, oily skin, eczema…

How to use it?

  • Skin problems
    Dermal way: 1 drop in 4 drops of carrier oil on the affected areas, twice a day, until improvement.


  • Fatigue, stress
    Put few drops on the oil diffuser. Broadcast in a maximum of 30 minutes.


  • People with asthma and epilepsy should seek medical advice before use

  • Irritating to the skin, it should be diluted to 20% in plant oil before any skin application

  • Pregnant women and babies can use this essential oil in atmospheric diffusion.


  • ​Authorized Users

Adults and Youth
Children over 3 years

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